Mum in hysterics after social services turn up – but it’s a big misunderstanding

A mum took to TikTok to share a funny misunderstanding after a woman from social services arrived to check the welfare of her son George regarding a complaint “of neglect”

A woman was baffled when child social services randomly turned up at her door to respond to a complaint.

The mum Kayleigh shared the story on TikTok after a woman arrived to carry out a welfare check on ‘her son’ George.

“Here’s a story to cheer everyone up if they’re having a bad day,” Kayleigh said in the video.

She explained that the woman, who introduced herself as from child services, said, “We’ve had a call regarding your son called George, of neglect.”

Although she couldn’t reveal who had issued the complaint, she did say: “They always hear you telling your child that they’re not allowed any more food and they’ve had enough meals today because you’ve already fed them and some shouting telling your child to ‘go away, you’ve had enough’ and so on.”

So Kayleigh asked the woman if she’d like to meet George to prove he wasn’t being neglected – and it was clear there had been a big misunderstanding.

“So I go upstairs trying not to laugh, to then present her with my fat, ginger lifesize cat called George,” she continues.

“The woman looked at me and was like, ‘Is this a joke?’ I said, ‘love, they should have called the RSPCA, not social services’.”

Kayleigh concluded the funny story with some advice to the ‘Karen’ who made the call to social services.

“For the Karen who stuck her fking nose in thinking I’m neglecting my child, George is actually a fking cat, a very greedy f**king cat!” she said.

“He gets fed three meals a day, without snacks in between, and stealing whatever he can.

“So if I’m telling my cat to fk off, please mind your business. Because when I tell you I’m going to stick Kevin in the oven, you’ll think it’s my fking husband when in fact it’s my chicken!”

Since being posted, the video has gone viral amassing a staggering two million views and 340,000 likes.

People in the comments were in hysterics at the blunder, with one person writing: “It’s sweet they were worried for a potential child, they had no way of knowing it’s a cat but [to be honest] that makes it [so much] better.”

Another commented: “Hilarious. But also fair play to the person who rang… If it had been a child they could have been being abused. They protected them.”

“I used to have a cat called Richard. I would be outside at night yelling ‘Richard get the hell out of the bushes get in the house,'” revealed a third viewer.

Someone else put: “I KNEW it was a cat as soon as you said ‘they’ve had enough food and you’ve already fed them’ in my bones I knew.”